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We Are Inbound, Hosted Telephony & Data Specialists

Whether you are looking for an inbound virtual number, a VoIP solution or a heavy duty internet connection, MAW Telecoms has your business covered.

What We Do?

MAW Telecoms provides many telephony and data solutions including Inbound Call Management, Hosted Telephony, Data Connectivity and SMS Services. 

Inbound Call Management

Get the perfect 01, 02, 03 or 08 number for your business with our inbound call management suite. It's a telephone system located in the cloud which can be tailor made for your individual needs. Setup auto attendants, hunt groups and call queues at a click of a mouse and let us do the rest.

Data Connectivity

Whether you need a simple broadband connection or a private leased line installed into your building, we can supply the best solution for your business.

Hosted Telephony

Our VoIP solution is smart, simple and affordable. We'll provide you with a digital phone line & number, voicemail, call recording and other easy to use features so you can run your business efficiently.

SMS Services

Our SMS service allows you to schedule and broadcast customised messages to groups or individual recipients. Create templates and use mail merge to allow personalisation.

Prepare Your Business Now!

Here’s why there has never been a better time to switch to a hosted telephony solution for your business.

The 2025 BT Switch Off

BT will soon be switching off its traditional voice PSTN and ISDN telephony services. Due to these services being outdated, and experience maintenance costs, the future of BT’s voice infrastructure will be via the internet, using SIP and VoIP channels.

What Is SIP & VoIP?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) simply just use an internet connection allowing users to make and receive phone calls using computers, mobile devices or VoIP enabled handsets. Whereas VoIP is calls only, SIP can be used for video calling or conferencing.

What Are The Benefits?

Cloud based telephony is not only the future but the present of telecoms which brings many benefits:

- Low Capital
- Reduced Call Costs
- Business Continuity
- Remote & Home Working
- CRM integration
- Scalability